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Everything Seems Like Yesterday

by The Frights

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24 02:27
Holy fucking hell I haven’t seen you in a while A tidal wave of years have crashed and a couple thousand miles I should have got your number my phone was in my hand But I was born twenty years ago I’m no good at making plans I heard you moved to Austin how’s your girlfriend how’s your mom And does she still live downtown or did she find another job Well tell them I said hi send my love and all that stuff Cuz I was born twenty years ago I’m no good at staying in touch How’s he holding up is he still out in Palm Springs And does he ever ask about the band and all those things Well tell him that I miss him and that I wish him all the best Cuz I was born twenty years ago I’m no good at sending texts The last time that I saw you you were walking through the mall Working for the UPS the branded socks and all We didn’t even talk we only hugged and then you went Cuz i was born twenty years ago I’m no good at being a friend
Kicking Cans 04:22
I was kicking cans I made a thousand different plans and nothings changed I still retain That everyone’s got issues currently mine is I miss you Just the same And I’m to blame The final straw is in a glass I’m stabbing at rock bottom Through the ice It feels so nice Coated with my singing few more hours now we’re bringing down The night And it’s alright If nothing ever changes how the hell am I still here So give me twenty minutes and one more beer I’m tired of all the answers when I’m looking for excuses I’ll be fine Every time Only if you notice do I start to pay attention To what is right Beyond my eyes It’s hard to play the victim when you got it in your system I let it melt And how good that felt Try to make amends with all your memories and friends Forgive yourself Forget yourself Cuz I forgive myself So forget yourself If no one ever changes how the fuck am I still here Give me back my twenty and something clear
There is a girl who sleeps in a bed That he never makes She trips on pieces of him in the dark He’s hours away It’s only love he says You should try it Sometimes you get to sleep If it’s quiet She waits for weeks to count the days ‘til he comes back His trying eyes see nothing his voice begins to crack Don’t stay up for me He wakes up torn up broke up and down Simple and strange Too many people lost in the dark But he knows his way He’ll be just fine she pleads But she hides it You can’t forget how to breathe Have you tried it And he’s never felt so far away It’s a shame that he’s ashamed to say I love you but I don’t feel electric I feel dead I try to burn this riot running through my head I’ll keep you lit I’ll be the candle in your chest I know it’s hard to handle but I can do my best Don’t give up on me I want to love you so I know you’re good I know A person has to grow How about we let this go
I thought we had grown up but I’ve been broken I never learned to be as tough as this A sorry doesn’t do you any justice So who the fuck am I to say you’re missed Nobody ever told me you were perfect I barely even knew ya when you passed A death is only half as strong as you were and your Teeth were bright horizons when you laughed It’s hard to keep a memory in the past But I knew that you’d come through As an echo in the corner of the room And you do Well did you find a point in all this talking Is there anything you wish you could have kept There's a drug for every pain that you are feeling You can drink yourself to sleep where Jesus wept Like a city in the heat with wet cement But I knew that you’d come through As an echo in the corner of the room Now I know that you let go Cuz the echo sounds a lot more like the you I know Oh
We’re flying up the coast December The sea and me are blue The city of LA is ugly And I’m coming back to you There’s nothing in my hands but sugar I’m more than you could need I smile hurricanes in summer And I drink more than I eat Leave me alone I know you need this Leave me alone this time Leave me alone I know you mean it Leave me alone Alright fine She’s gotta be a fake I think so A sinner when she sleeps We always do our best I mean that My confidence is weak And I’ll slam a thousand doors to scare you But you gotta give me slack I’ll write you every thought I’m thinking You take your promise back And I swear to God that I need this And I swear to Christ I feel you in my bones I mean it But I wrang you out for more A cut can only be so decent My blood is on your floor
All I Ask 03:04
Love The connection you feel when you’re sad Grab Someone quick your anxiety’s bad Pops Like a ball that you kicked way too hard Gone Feel the tracks that she left in the yard I don’t feel sick from the choices I made This is more than you more than us Trust in Wind From the passenger seat of a car Scream When the radio signals gone dark Blue Is the sky that you always ignore Push Grab your sweater and sneak out the door I turn away when I run out of pain Sleep on the couch or I’ll sleep in the rain Trust in I wanna give you a wonderful time Let me give you that All I ask is Trust in Me The connection you need when you’re sad Me Your protection from things that are bad Me Some resistance for when you feel weak Me I’ll be quiet when you want to speak
Early morning the sun’s poking through A window is taking the heat Final warning a shot to the sky As long as you’re not missing me Hear you breathing a beautiful breath But I’m not a man you could trust Wild sleeping a cough in your chest So run through your memories I must Love grows cold and if it does that’s fine The cold brings me closer to you Love grows cold and when it does alright The cold is all we ever knew We’re protected with demons at bay The shine in your smile brings ‘em back You’re made for loving I’m made to betray You cried when I lied I’ll be back Love grows cold and if it does that’s fine The cold brings me closer to you Love grows cold and when it does alright The cold is all we ever New forgiveness is hard to accept I’m not hurting for nothing I’m not saying that you made this mess Cuz everyone's somebody's something I guess I keep thinking I’ll wake up awake But I never stick to the plan Barely a memory and hardly a man And that’s just the person I am
Sat on a curb with my foot in the grass There’s a lane blocked off on the 78 overpass The concrete is cool in the crest of the sun Mama’s mourning the life that has barely begun Cooked as a desert I burn for a bite Can nobody ever get my order right I can’t fix what you had broke A number six curly fry with a small diet coke And if I cry before I break Pray to you I’ll make mistakes But if morning comes too soon Faceless faceless faceless moon What did I do to you What did I do to you I crash into myself almost every night It’s a bitch when the drink is the one calling shots but alright You put me down to pick me up You smile when you lie and you And I don’t need anything anyone anytime So I’m taking my pennies back every cent every dime Cuz none of my wishes matter to you so what can I say I’d rather be broke than breaking and pissing my life away
Thank you for being quick Cuz if I had one more tequila you’d be gone and I’d be sick Shouldn’t I just go to sleep But there’s a place in Ocean Beach where we could get our drinks for cheap The neon stings like a cut But it’s quiet cuz the jukebox only sings when I get up When you walked in I felt the cold If your lips were made for moving then my hand was meant to hold Now we’re skipping down the road by sunshine Ain’t it funny how it always smells like A bunch of weed that I never buy I guess I never wanna be that high Drunk standing in the parking lot So I can see if I can drive or not Guess we got a little time to kill I really shouldn’t but I guess I will You are a great parade Shouting curses at the very worst you’re sharp and unashamed I am a faulty flame That you used to light a fire neither him or I could tame And we’ve spent the last few years Turning nothing into magic learning how to disappear But I’ve made a decent home So if your bed was made for fucking Then I’d rather sleep alone If someone hurts every time they’re with you You get to thinking maybe you’re the issue I’m giving up for someone else’s sake Cuz I would never wanna be that way Make your peace about her being gone Take your time and sing a bad love song And in the morning when I’m feeling blue I take my medicine and dream of You don’t care If I’m not there Our hearts bleed on This ain’t your song There was someone there was something there was laughter It wasn’t you it wasn’t me that you were after Funny how you’re gone funny how you changed funny we were there Honey it was you honey it was me funny I don’t care
25 03:19
I have never been insistent that you always made me smile We could travel for the winter or we can stay here for a while And of all the recent memories that I’m glad I made with you So if you ever lose your faith in me I don’t know what I’d do I had never talked to Jesus ‘til I met him by mistake I was shaking in the bathroom of a hotel in LA And I stood up -or- and he spoke a lot like you do And as I stood up I felt weak He said let’s take you down to Sunset go and get yourself a drink I had never understood it and it only made me mad But when I saw my brother crying on the balcony I got sad There were songs you never sang him there were words you’ll never speak But I finally understand Sean you just sang yourself to sleep I could thank you all for trusting that I had something to say But if you’re looking for an answer I would turn the other way There’s a heart attack in everyone somewhere down the line So forget my silly problems turn away I’ll be fine So forget my stupid problems look away I’ll be fine So forget my fucking problems go away I’ll be alright Yea


The Frights fourth studio album, 'Everything Seems Like Yesterday' is available now for streaming and download. Produced by bassist Richard Dotson, written and performed by vocalist and guitarist Mikey Carnevale with some sonic assistance from Dotson, it is the band’s most emotionally direct body of work to date.

'Everything Seems Like Yesterday' first took shape through a handful of songs vocalist/guitarist Mikey Carnevale wrote on acoustic guitar back in fall 2018. Carnevale originally intended to release the material as a solo album, but had a change of heart upon sharing his new songs at a series of shows in San Diego and L.A. After receiving a unanimously positive response from his bandmates, he began to see the songs as more of a natural evolution of The Frights. Carnevale enlisted bassist, Richard Dotson, as producer and the two set off to record at Carnevale’s grandmother’s cabin in Idyllwild, CA. The pair recorded the record in sequence over the course of one week. The record features a wide array of ambient sounds and the use of real-life objects around the cabin as instruments; glasses with water in them, leaves, pots and pans, a ringing phone, etc.

'Everything Seems Like Yesterday' documents a particularly challenging year of Carnevale’s life. It starts with "24" – The Frights latest studio album, 'Hypochondriac', was released on August 24, 2018 (Carnevale’s 24th birthday) - and ends with "25". “A lot of these songs are about friends who are gone now, either in the sense that they passed away or that we don’t speak anymore,” Carnevale points out. “Our songs have always involved some kind of looking back over the past, but this one feels like the first time where I’m dealing with those situations and growing from them.”


released January 24, 2020

Recorded in sequence in a cabin in Idyllwild, California,
between April 21st and April 28th, 2019.

On this particular record, The Frights are Mikey Carnevale and Richard Dotson. In real life, The Frights include Marc Finn and Jordan Clark.

All songs written and performed by Mikey Carnevale and published by Unrelatable Music (BMI)

Recorded and produced by Richard Dotson
Mixed by David Baker
Mastered by Pete Lyman

Art Direction by The Frights
Artwork by Dylan Moss
Layout by Jason Link

Management by Brian Harris Frank for BFrank Management, Inc.
North America booking by Troy Lusk for APA
Rest of World booking by David Sullivan-Kaplan for UTA
Legal by Jeff Leven for Davis Shapiro Lewit Grabel Leven Granderson & Blake LLP

This record is for: My Mom and Dad for managing to keep everything together, always. Duane and Chrissy for being there. You each shaped me more than you know. Sam, this record is yours as much as it is mine. I hope you think of it that way, had you in mind the whole time. Jacob and Cate, love you guys more than you know. Miss you Jake, come home dude. Jake and Jacen, you guys need to come to a show, you’re old enough now! Sara, I don’t know how you deal with me at times but I’m thankful for you. Always. I love you. Grandma, the cabin sounds great! Miss you and love you. I think the painting is almost done! Uncle Jeff and the Drost family, “Echo in The Corner of The Room” is for you guys. Miss Jake and miss you. Love you. Kenny, I’m so proud of you and I need to come up more often. Love you. Kenli and Rex, you guys are the family I never knew I would be lucky enough to have. Vern, thanks for teaching me what you knew before you left. I owe you a lot. John, we learned how to play guitar together when we weren't skating or causing trouble. Thank you for that. Hunter and Justin, you two are my brothers. Always will be. You were some of the first people to hear this and that’s because I constantly want to share my life with you guys. Love you both very much. Sean, you are missed by everyone who crossed paths with you. You were the very first supporter of this band and it hurts to know that I won’t see you in the crowd anymore. But I hope you can hear these songs from wherever you may be. I think they’re up your alley. You, thank you for listening.

Thank you to: All of our families, Kasey, Brian, Brad, Hannah, Laura, Zac, Epitaph Records, Brett, Chris, Jason, Matt, Jamie from Big Deal, Troy, Monk, Jamie from England, Skully, Jeff Leven, Danny and Adam from Rev9, the town of Idyllwild, Idyology, Zoppi, Max, Alex Riccio, Jimmy Gordon, Erik Langley, Dante, On Drugs, Hunny, Matt and Kim, Justin Cordua, Neil, Trent Williams, Hootie, Kona, Micheladas, red wine, Italy, Marie Callender’s chicken pot pies, Blake, Petey, Josh, Brandon Madrid, Jason Klein, Chelsea, the Seaman family, The Sopranos, Johnny and Julia from New Jersey, Fender, Cory and Jac, the Mitchells, Buddha Trixie, Christine McClure, Adam Clark, Jennifer Zodrow, Sloopy, everyone else, you know who you are, etc etc, GOD, and so on and so forth....


all rights reserved



The Frights San Diego, California

Trio from San Diego


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