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There’s nothing like a healthy dose of reality From the words on my computer and the cable tv Everyone gets lucky so I guess I should chill But if everybody’s dead there’s no one left to kill You crawl across the kitchen eat your food on the floor You cover up the window and you lock up the door You’re terrified of nothing as you weep through the day Masturbate to memories ‘til you’re not afraid There’s a piece of me breaking inside everyday It can’t wait it can’t wait to get out Cuz if the storm ahead’s looking for someone to take I can’t wait I can’t wait to get out You spit out all the medicine they told you to take There’s nothing that can fix you if there is then it’s fake She says your spasms are genetic the depression will heal Well I don’t need no one to tell me how I should feel You told your family that you should have stayed in the closet Well you tried to get back in I had the key but I lost it You’re freaking out you calm down and you freak out again And when you’re hanging from the ceiling nothing else can be said
CRUTCH 02:44
This is my crutch this is my dream This is the only thing that ever helps me sleep This is my home this is my head This is my heart on drugs the monster in my bed This is my crutch! These are my aches this is my pain This is a giant fabrication of what makes someone insane This is a joke this is so sad And I never knew that feeling good could make you feel so bad This is a lie I should have told you all before I don’t know what I’m saying what I’ve said and I can’t say it anymore I’ve been a mess I’ve been a dick I’ve been on medication I can’t pronounce and I’m fucking sick of it I feel so incomplete I think that I’ve been beat I’ve never felt so weak Christ give me something quick my emotions make me sick is this something I can fix This is my crutch this is my dream This is the only time I feel like I’ve been beat This is my pill this is my end This is the only thing I need and I’m so lucky you’re my friend
Broken Brain 03:13
I’ll be alright staying with you It’ll take some time to save me You’ll kill the pain with all that you do My broken brain baby I had a problem I didn’t like it now I know exactly who I am You try to talk you try to change you finally learn to understand I need the buzz I hate the taste can’t let this Xanax go to waste I’ll give it up five bucks for two is that enough to get you through I never thought that I was weak ‘til I was too afraid to speak I had a lump inside my chest I pulled it out I did my best They tried to tell me love won’t heal but they don’t know how real love feels They couldn’t see it they wasn’t there I had to look I had to care I’ll be alright staying with you It’ll take some time to save me I made it through I’m still alive Nothing’s gonna break me down I know I will survive I got tired of saying that I’m fine
Whatever 03:42
I used to like FIDLAR that’s what she told me As I got into my van to see the country Now she’s got a new boyfriend or so I’m guessing Probably kisses her way better and that’s depressing Now I’m drinking in Philly but I’m thinking of Sara And there’s a million little things she’s unaware of I couldn’t tell if she saw me or if she’s even looking But there’s no other place I’d rather be than Brooklyn And I am so fucking sick of you acting like a dick I’m just trying to pull my life back together And I am too fucking tired of you calling me a liar I’ll just tell you what I want I’ll say whatever I’ll say whatever I’ll say whatever I’ll say whatever I’ll say whatever I was thinking about calling but I’m feeling lazy Eight hundred miles in a car can drive you crazy Ah we can say that it was worth it for a minute it was perfect But I’m tired of this hurting I need to work shit out And I’m still messed up from when you said you didn’t love me Thirty minutes before we played ten songs about your name And they started screaming back as I had a heart attack As I tried to play the lead as I yelled you’re all I need I freaked out when I saw her there I didn’t know what to do Looked at me like I meant something I never saw that in you I let you go cuz I loved you more than I ever wanted to
Over It 03:12
I don’t need to say what I said before You never listen to me anyways my voice is sore I’m not sick at all I’m just sick of you And now you’re coming back but I don’t fucking miss you I never thought that you would be the one to break Now everytime I see your name I get a stomach ache I know I did my best I never sent a text And now I’m sitting wishing aren’t you fucking dead yet You seem to think that we’re more than this Aren’t you over it aren’t you over it Don’t try to act like you gave a shit Aren’t you over it aren’t you over it We used to be something I admit Aren’t you over it aren’t you over it I used to think we were over this Aren’t you over it aren’t you over it You open up again I’m closing every door Cuz once you called it off I never said I wanted more It’s hard to be this way when you know everything And you’re still hurting me for reasons that I can’t explain I need to figure out a way to let it go It’s not okay to be afraid of someone I don’t know And I could give it up but that would make me think Bout how I’m freaking out every time my phone rings
I shaved my head the other day I was scared that I was losing my hair its a mess It hit the ground I can still hear the sound of the clippers on the back of my neck I took a shower stood for an hour in the front of the mirror what a freak I put my clothes on a hint of cologne and brushed the last bit of hair off my cheek I don’t need to be so scared of what everybody will say As long as I got me and we and I it’ll be okay I can’t sit anymore I’ll be up in your face I’ll get up in your grill I’ll be all over the place As long as I got me and we and I It’ll be okay I closed the circle of the friends that I had they only made me feel bad and alone It felt so wrong and I knew all along that I could make it alright but I won’t I used to skate now it’s something I hate I get so hot I get so sweaty and I can’t break my bones There’s too much riding on the van that I’m driving to the kids that talk shit at the shows
Goodbyes 03:14
Thought I’d given it up I guess I missed one Shot me straight in the chest where did she come from I was losing my head before she found me Painting dreams in my bed it’s all around me Morning knocked me awake and ripped my clothes off Give you all I can give I’m such a show off Think that I’m just afraid to lose my baby But look at all of the light that she just gave me Don’t you get it I’m pathetic it’s not easy to hide You’re fucking perfect why’s it hurting when I look in your eyes Never knew it I could do it after all of this time Wanna love and kiss and hug you I’m afraid of goodbyes In the light of the day I close my window Lose myself in the shade where did the sun go Drink till I’m not afraid I’m feeling lazy Won’t you put me to sleep I’m fucking crazy I know I should forget it If it’s dying I should let it Ah it’s just pathetic I think I’m doing alright I think I made it And once you’ve found the one man you can taste it You’re the wreck of a ship she is your sailor So after all of this time you sink together
Pills 02:49
There’s a sad sad story in everyone but something always gives it away Is it the drugs you take or the mess you made or is it hard just waking up everyday Now I’ve been scared before but it’s hard to breath you’re the only one keeping me sane Have you had too much are you going to leave can anybody make it okay Cuz I know (I know) Oh I know (I know) I’m a lot to handle I’m a lot to handle And I swear (I swear) oh I swear (I swear) That I’ll do whatever Call me crazy call me self prescribed But I will carry these pills ‘til the day I die I won’t lose you I might lose my mind But I will carry these pills ‘til the day I die I got an endless wave of anxiety and I think it gets worse at night And the hypochondriac in me is screaming that you’re gonna die I never hurt myself but this hurts like hell getting better but its taking it’s time And out of all the people I lost before I never thought of losing my mind No I never thought of losing my mind Don’t know why I can not breathe my insides feel outside of me I know it’s weird I’m such a creep I take a pill I fall asleep
It’s so strange but I guess I’m coming home again Nothing’s changed and I’ll never be alone again It’s insane how I never felt like I was gone I get down and I turn the television on I count the road signs I don’t wanna pass Then I start drinking and I act like an ass I need some space won’t you leave me alone I guess there’s no place like not being home I guess there’s no place like not being home I guess there’s no place like I feel fine as I sit in Minneapolis That’s a lie she’s crying how are you okay with this I stand outside ‘til my face starts to freeze I drink another ‘til she’s all that I see I feel sick as I’m driving into Illinois Is this it am I gonna die I’m paranoid I need the back row that’s all I have I blow my nose into a Taco Bell bag Then I start drinking and I act like an ass I count the road signs I don’t wanna pass I need some space won’t you leave me alone I guess there’s no place like not being home I guess there’s no place like not being home I guess there’s no place like not being home I guess there’s no place like not being home I guess there’s no place like I’m like a corpse as I walk through the door I leave my bags and my shit on the floor Ten thousand miles couldn’t take you from me I close my eyes and I’m finally asleep
Hold Me Down 04:15
I tried every plan I told every lie it’s not you it’s me I don’t wanna fight I’m tired of making out and never making up I’ve heard a thousand words spit off a thousand tongues you gotta make mistakes and twenty two is so young I’d rather fall back down before I grow back up There’s not love in life but there’s a lot in you wish i could cut you up and take a piece of it too I’m never great with words but I think this song is for you You answer all my calls you hold me down when I shake carry every pill that I could ever take I never felt so dumb I never felt so cool Can I take all of your time if that’s scary then it’s fine But I’d like to take the day just to memorize your face There’s a couple different ways to explain the things I say But as far as I can see you’re my favorite part of me I’ve lost a thousand friends and I’d do it all again if It means I’m here beside you forget the ones I’ve lied to Fuck everyone
Alone 03:34
Boy did I screw up again Talk about losing a friend I never try more than I should Now she’s leaving and I wish I could She’s a real pretty girl that I know A real pretty girl that I know Thought that I’d scare her away A mistake that I shouldn’t have made Wearing my blood on my sleeve Smothering helps but it’s harder to breathe Thought that I was whole again But baby I’m alone again Never thought I’d see the end but baby I’m alone Drunk and cold and lost again Baby I’m alone again Never thought I’d lose the friend Well Kaylee I’m alone I sat on your bed in your freezing apartment my boxes were left on the floor where our shoes went You tried to explain it was me that was missing the point you had made but I still wasn’t listening I’d noticed a gift you had bought me last year so I walked to your desk picked it up and I hear It’s not mine anymore it had always been yours like the heart that you tore from my guts with your words So you led me downstairs as we got to my car afraid and ashamed I forgot where I parked So I turned to your face and we had our last kiss it wasn’t the same I can still taste the spit As I looked in your eyes can’t believe what I heard you had started to speak and these were the words You said Please please don’t change the words to this Please please don’t change the words to this Please please don’t change the words to this Please please don’t change the words to this Song


released August 24, 2018

The Frights are:
Mikey Carnevale
Jordan Clark
Richard Dotson
Marc Finn

Produced by Zac Carper
Engineered by David Jerkovich

Recorded February 1-13, 2018 at Balboa Recording in Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Rob Kinelski at The Fortress of Amplitude with Mix Assistant David Baker

Mastered by Greg Calbi
Layout and Design by Jason Link & The Frights
Photography by Rowan Daly

All songs written by Mikey Carnevale (BMI)
Performed by The Frights
Published by Unrelatable Music/Big Deal Beats (BMI)

Management by Brian Harris Frank for BFrank Management, Inc.
and Joe Nammo for Nammo Enterprises, LLC

Legal by Jeff Leven for Davis, Shapiro, Lewit, Grabel, Leven, Granderson
& Blake, LLP

Booking by Troy Lusk for Agency for the Performing Arts (North America)
and Steve Zapp for International Talent Booking (Rest of World)

Thank YOU. Also, thank you to our families, The Saras™, KC Chasez, Lindsay, Slimothy J Piles, Happy’s Liquor Store, Tecate, Hustler Magazine, Mind Palace Studios, Pope Francis, “Joe” weed, Zac (Good, but this time…. try) Carper, DJ Slavi-D, Bent Reznor (founding member of Nine Inch Nuts), Ziggy and Damian Marley, Cracker Barrel Store 594, Dantino Valentine, our merch guy graveyard including $ammy $ee, Dungeon Master Frothy J, Enigma Elias, and their sole survivor (for now) Funky Chris, Jon Lovitz, The Gay Eagles, Hoobastank, Soulcracker, Jersey Johnny, Mr Jauffrey, Sleepy Ray Vaughan, Elliot Spliff, Sloopy, spinach, Pantera, fidget spinners, 311, Arpeggio’s House, Kona (the dog), Zoppi, Cory and Jac, Dan & Christina & Rigby & Lucifer, Tit Gagnon, the AP Beastons, Hornitos, Alprazolam, Sublime, Sage (the cat), The Bro Nammo, Regal Vegan Brian, The Boy (Troy), depression, All of “The Suits” (including Mr. Brett, Chris Foitel, Matt McGreevey & Brett Greenberg), Jamie, Kenny and everyone at Big Deal Music Group, Thurber Mingus attorney at large, Keith Loudermilk, Pete Skeet, Zicam and twiiiiiiiins.


all rights reserved



The Frights San Diego, California

Trio from San Diego


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